Our Purporse

Since our foundation in 1979, our purpose has been to provide the most cordial service possible to all the travelers who, with great emotion, come to know the Bolivian Andes.

Over the years, and as tourism has grown in Bolivia, we have developed a business group that consists of several services, among which Rosario Hotels stand out (with its 4 locations: La Paz, La Paz Sur, Copacabana and Uyuni), the Tambo Colonial restaurants, located within the La Paz and Copacabana hotels, and soon in Uyuni, and last but not least, the tour operator Turisbus, which organizes trips and transfers to our guests and other travelers who want to move throughout the country.

In all these areas we seek to offer a friendly and personalized treatment that results in a delightful experience for our customers.

We also try to guide them into the festivals, rites and ways of life that are maintained from pre-Colombian times and that to date are part of the living culture of Bolivia, so that our guests can take with them experiences that they will remember forever.